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Affordable Whitening Systems in Dupo, IL

You might have heard from friends, family, and colleagues about some methods of teeth whitening with varying results. The reason for this is that the urge to have a whiter smile has never been more prevalent than it is today. We can speculate about why this is—maybe the fact that we have so many beverage options known to stain teeth, or people care more about their smile, or perhaps they know that the technology is out there so they’re exploring their options. All that matters, though, is that the desire for a smile that shines brightly is at an all-time high. You may find yourself joining the numbers of people exploring your options for whitening systems and products, but it’s likely that you have some questions about whitening teeth. Allow us team at Affordable Dental Center to explain the process and answer any questions you might have about the cosmetic dental treatment that’s growing rapidly in popularity.

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Why Seek a Teeth Whitening System?

There are numerous reasons why more and more patients are coming to us for solutions to discolored teeth:

  • Consumption of beverages like soda, red wine and coffee that can stain teeth
  • Normal fading of teeth whiteness as a natural side effect of aging
  • Cigarette smoking, which turns teeth yellow after long-term use
  • Flourosis, a condition that discolors teeth due to an over-consumption of fluoride early in dental development

No matter your reasons for seeking an effective whitening system, it’s important to know your options.

Common Methods of Teeth Whitening

In peer reports of whitening systems, you’ve probably heard of all of the most popular types of whitening options and have an idea of which ones are more effective than the alternatives. Here is a rundown of the most common:

Whitening Trays

Whitening trays are an at-home bleaching treatment in which the user fills trays with a bleaching substance and affixes the tray to the upper and lower teeth, maintaining contact for a specified period of time.

Whitening Strips

These strips are placed on the teeth for a specified period of time before being taken off and provide the same intended effects as whitening trays without the inconvenience.

Whitening Toothpastes

Teeth whitening toothpastes are intended to whiten teeth over time and keep them white. There are varying degrees of these products on the market, from standard toothpastes that whiten while they clean, to more specific products intended to whiten primarily.

Clinical Systems

Patients undergo a teeth whitening system under a dentist’s supervision in a dental office setting.

Which Method Is Most Effective?

Although many of the at-home whitening systems are effective to a degree, they all have downsides. Aside from being temporary, they may weaken the enamel and leave a film on your teeth. On the other hand, clinical whitening systems enact a chemical change in the enamel, which naturally changes the color to be a brighter shade of white, semi-permanently giving you the healthy-looking smile you’ve always wanted.

Give us a call to schedule your appointment and start feeling confident in your smile. Schedule your smile makeover from our team of experts. Reach out to our office by calling 618-286-4400 at your earliest convenience!