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At Affordable Dental Center, our aim is to provide a full range of dental services, covering all ends of the spectrum. You never know what dental services you’ll need, and you certainly can’t afford to shop around for a different provider each time you need a dental service beyond standard family and general dentistry. We get that, which is the driving motivation behind our mission to not just offer you a great experience with a team of experts, but a versatile range of services. Read on to learn more about our services.

General Dental Services

In our view, the most important services a dental office can offer are the ones everyone should be using at least two times per year. Many people think that, once they reach a certain age, they don’t need to go to the dentist unless there’s something wrong with their teeth.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. The key to avoiding problems with your oral health is to have your teeth and mouth professionally cleaned and screened for common diseases like oral cancers and periodontal (gum) disease. Of course, flossing and maintaining proper brushing habits at home are important, too, but take it from the experts at Affordable Dental: Prevention and cleaning in a dental office will ensure you’ll keep that healthy smile for years to come.

We offer the following services:

  • Family dentistry
  • Cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Preventative dental services
  • Cavity fillings and tooth extractions when necessary
  • Repairing other dental issues,
  • Root canals and other dental procedures

Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes you have dental needs that crop up when you least expect them. With most dentists, the office will be sympathetic to your dental troubles, but they’ll say they won’t be able to fit you in until an appointment opens up. For emergency dental needs, this means living in pain and maybe even finding a new dentist. The same goes when you need an appointment after hours. If you’ve ever tried to get an emergency appointment at an off time, you’re probably familiar with pain and frustration.

Affordable Dental Center wants to be the emergency dental office that comes in to save the day, no matter what the issue or when you call. We’ll fit you in for a same-day appointment if you need it, and whenever possible, even change our schedule to fit you in after hours.

Here are some of the emergency dental services we offer:

  • Emergency implants, crowns and orthodontic repairs
  • Emergency tooth extractions, fillings and root canals

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental appointments don’t have to always be about your oral health, however. Although having clean teeth and a healthy smile comes first, there are also several common dental procedures that are almost always purely cosmetic. Here are a few examples of the services and amenities we offer at Affordable Dental Center:

  • Invisalign and other teeth straightening services
  • Whitening services
  • Dentures and dental implants